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How long does one kit last?

One Crystal White Smile kits last for 30 days.  You can also order refills that are also go for 30 days.

How long should I whiten my teeth?

Crystal White Smile suggested use is 10 minutes per application

How long does it take to get results?

If you’re using the Crystal White Smile Teeth Whitening Kit you’ll achieve noticeable results within the first 2 applications.  To fully get to 8 shades whiter, continue using the product through all the applications.

How much teeth whitening gel do I need? How many applications in 1 pen?

When you first receive your Crystal White Smile kit and are ready to use it, you want to twist the bottom of the whitening pen several times until you visibly start seeing the gel come out from the top.  Once you are at this point, you should be able to cover you whole teeth in about 5-10 clicks worth from the pen.  There are about 

How much teeth whitening applications do I get per kit?

One Crystal White Smile kit, will last you for 30 days, using the kit 3 times a week.

Should I be using the desensitizing gel?

The included desensitizing gel helps relieve any sensitivity and remineralizes your teeth.  It is not a requirement of the system, but is highly recommended.

Is this safe on crowns and veeners?

Yes!  Crystal White Smile is completely safe to use on Crowns and Veeners. Due to the nature of false teeth, not being a natural material, it will not whiten them though.

What is the 30 Day money back guarantee?

We know you’ll love our CrystalSmile products, which is why we offer a Risk-free 30 day Money-Back Guarantee on all of our products. (see terms and conditions for more info).

What is your Refund Policy?

If for some reason you are not happy with Crystal White Smile, we offer a 30 day return policy (see terms and conditions for more info).

Where do I enter a gift code or coupon code?

You can easily enter your coupon code, on the checkout page.  Navigate to your cart, then checkout, and the coupon code can be entered at the top right of the page.

Do you ship outside the United States (international shipments)? What is the Cost?

Yes!  It depends on the distance, but usually its around $12-15 total.